About IG-SRT / Patient Satisfaction Survey

Survey Reveals Overall 99%+ Satisfaction With GentleCure

People who receive GentleCure are asked to fill out a survey after they are finished treatment with Image-Guided SRT. The results help SkinCure Oncology, the company that provides GentleCure, to know how to make the experience of having GentleCure better in the future. For the past 3 years the survey has been given, the results remain the same: nearly 100% of people who have GentleCure are completely satisfied.

About the survey

  • Offered to all people who finished treatment with GentleCure using Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (Image-Guided SRT)
  • Filled out by 12,272 people between April 2020 and March 2023
  • Asked people to rate their satisfaction with GentleCure by answering 3 questions

How satisfied were you with the outcome of your treatment?

  • 4 Stars: 11,625 people
  • 3 Stars: 349 people
  • 2 Stars: 15 people
  • 1 Star: 10 people
99.8%Answered with
3 or 4 stars

Were you happy with your decision to be treated with GentleCure?

  • YES: 11,998 people
  • No or Unsure: 21 people

were happy with
their decision

Would you recommend GentleCure to others?

  • YES: 11,939 people
  • No or Unsure: 28 people

would recommend

Full data available from SkinCure Oncology.

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