About Us

About GentleCure

Skin cancer impacts the lives of 4 million Americans each year. GentleCure is committed to raising awareness of Image-Guided SRT and is a trademark owned by SkinCure Oncology, LLC.

About SkinCure Oncology

SkinCure Oncology is the world leader in providing a comprehensive model for the delivery of Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy (Image-Guided SRT), the most advanced technology for the treatment of common skin cancers. 

The company partners with quality-focused dermatologists and Mohs surgeons to bring cancer center-level radiotherapy treatment to physician offices, ensuring that patients have access to Image-Guided SRT as a non-invasive treatment option for basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and other skin cancers. Using the Sensus SRT-100 Vision™, the first and only skin cancer treatment platform with high-frequency ultrasound imaging, Image-Guided SRT delivers calibrated doses of x-rays that destroy malignant cancer cells without surgery while preserving healthy tissue surrounding the treated areas for optimal clinical and cosmetic outcomes. 

In addition to providing the Image-Guided SRT platform to its dermatology practice partners, SkinCure Oncology provides unique expertise, including clinical, administrative, and operational support, to more than 305 practices nationwide. More than 80,000 patients have been treated with Image-Guided SRT.

Everyone Deserves a Surgery-Free Treatment Option

Participate in change. Do not let radiation oncologists limit your treatment options to protect their income. Sign a FREE petition to tell Medicare and health insurers that you expect them to CONTINUE COVERING an FDA-cleared, less invasive treatment option.