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Hear What People Say About Image-Guided SRT

Join the growing thousands of people across the country who cured their skin cancer with Image-Guided SRT.
Listen to them tell their stories about being diagnosed with skin cancer, having Mohs surgery, and having Image-Guided SRT—a decision that made their treatment experience much better.


Know your treatment options

Knowing you have options and being prepared when talking to a doctor is important. Watch Lisa’s journey in talking with her doctor about Image-Guided SRT.

Dr. Keating|

The 50,000th patient treated with GentleCure is a doctor himself

When Dr. Keating was diagnosed with basal cell cancer on his nose, he was scared. After discussing treatment options with his dermatologist, he chose surgery-free GentleCure. See why and hear what that treatment experience was like for him.


I’m thankful for surgery-free GentleCure™

After 40 years of battling skin cancer, Michael discovered a non-surgical alternative for treating basal cell carcinoma.


Discovering a treatment without surgery

Thirty years ago, Ruby was diagnosed with skin cancer after years of playing tennis outside. At that time, her only treatment option was Mohs surgery. Ruby was diagnosed with skin cancer again in 2019. She was happy to find out from her doctor about a newer treatment with no surgery: Image-Guided SRT.


Having a gentler treatment experience

Mark had Mohs surgery to treat his skin cancer and it was very tough. When he was diagnosed again, he chose Image-Guided SRT. His radiation therapist, Deanna, was with him for each treatment session and showed him images of his skin that was cancer-free after his last treatment.


Finding relief from the anxiety of surgery

After learning she had skin cancer on her nose, Nancy was worried about the cutting and bleeding that would come with Mohs surgery on the nose. She did not want to have a scar on her face. Then she found out about Image-Guided SRT, a treatment that made her anxiety about surgery go away.


Watching skin cancer go away with ultrasound images

The first time Joe had skin cancer, it was treated with Mohs surgery. Surgery left a scar on his nose. After he was diagnosed with skin cancer again, he chose Image-Guided SRT. He knew treatment was working when he saw the cancer shrinking on the ultrasound images.


No more scarring or pain

Jerry has had many experiences with skin cancer treatment. Most were with surgery that left scars on his face and body. With Image-Guided SRT, Jerry had no ugly scarring or pain—and he was able to go out to dinner with his golf friends without bandages.


Grateful for a treatment choice that fit her needs

Barbara owns a boat and is in the sun a lot. She has had many surgeries to get rid of skin cancer. The last time Barbara was diagnosed, they recommended Image-Guided SRT because of where the cancer was on her body. At first, Barbara said “no” and was going to have Mohs surgery. She changed her mind and decided to go with Image-Guided SRT—and she was more than pleased with the pain-free cure.


Recovering with no side effects

Bob saw how difficult Mohs surgery was for his friends who had skin cancer. When he was treated with Image-Guided SRT, he was relieved to have no side effects, scars, or limits to what he could do during treatment. He even enjoyed his daughter’s wedding between treatments.


Understanding treatment options

After 3 Mohs surgeries with many stitches, Richard opted for Image-Guided SRT to cure his other skin cancers. He wished he had heard about this option sooner and hopes others will talk with their doctor to learn about treatment options.

A better experience with Image-Guided SRT

People who chose to treat their skin cancer with Image-Guided SRT are asked to fill out a survey about their experience. Their answers to the survey questions are collected each month. Since starting the survey in April 2020 until March 2023, over 12,000 people have responded. Learn more about their experience with Image-Guided SRT.

Everyone Deserves a Surgery-Free Treatment Option

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