Surgery Isn’t the Only Option for Treating Your Skin Cancer

GentleCure cures basal and squamous cell skin cancers using Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (Image-Guided SRT)—the surgery-free treatment that is over 99% effective.

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Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery

Image-Guided SRT

Image-Guided SRT

The skin cancer is cut out of the skin, making a wound and leaving a scar.

Low doses of X-rays are used to kill the cancer cells, which lets healthy skin grow back.

The size and depth of the skin cancer is only known after the cutting starts.

First and only radiation treatment for skin cancer that uses ultrasound images to measure the size and depth of the skin cancer to know the exact dose of X-rays to use, track how the cancer is responding, and know the cancer is gone.

Local anesthesia is used to dull the pain prior to cutting.

Anesthesia is not needed.

More than 1 surgery during the day may be needed to remove all the skin cancer.

Typically involves 3 to 4 treatment sessions per week for 5-7 weeks (about 15 minutes each).

The surgery leaves wounds, which will need to be cared for by changing bandages, not showering, and not doing normal activities.

There is no bleeding or wounds, so you do not need to skip normal daily activities.

Scarring may need to be fixed with reconstructive surgery.

There is no surgical scarring.

Only 1 skin cancer can be treated at a time.

More than 1 skin cancer can be treated at a time.

Mohs surgery works 96% to 98% of the time.

Image-Guided SRT cures over 99% of basal and squamous cell skin cancers.

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Ruby | Discovering a treatment without surgery

Thirty years ago, Ruby was diagnosed with skin cancer after years of playing tennis outside. At that time, her only treatment option was Mohs surgery. Ruby was diagnosed with skin cancer again in 2019. She was happy to find out from her doctor about a newer treatment with no surgery: Image-Guided SRT.

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