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4 Popular Skin Cancer Apps for Early Detection

The ability to treat and cure skin cancer relies on early detection of problematic spots on your skin. Doctors recommend carrying out a full skin self-examination at least once a month, but it can be difficult to keep track of new or changing moles. If you can relate to this struggle, you may be interested in utilizing skin cancer apps on your smartphone or tablet that are designed to identify and track moles and other spots on your skin. Below, we’ll provide information on 4 popular skin cancer apps that are available to download now. 


MoleMapper was developed by the Oregon Health & Science University and is designed to provide users with the tools they need to track their moles over time. The app allows the user to photograph individual “zones” of their body, focusing in on the skin. It then maps out any moles that exist within the different zones, and the user can tap on each mole and provide measurements for them. The app keeps a log of the user’s zones and the measurements they provided for each mole, which they can then refer back to on a regular basis to check for any changes in their moles.


UMSkinCheck is a free app that was developed and launched by the University of Michigan. The app guides users through a skin cancer self-examination and full-body photographic survey, tracks moles and blemishes over time for changes, sends reminders to perform routine skin self-checks, and acts as a library to store photos for baseline comparisons when carrying out self-checks in the future. UMSkinCheck also provides videos and articles about skin cancer facts, prevention, and more. 


MoleScope isn’t just an app, it’s a high-resolution camera that can be attached to your smartphone to take magnified and well-lit photos of moles. Like the other skin cancer apps, it also provides a mole mapping function, image library for easier tracking, and reminders users to perform skin exams. MoleScope also uses a web platform called DermEngine to allow users to securely send high-resolution images of moles they’re concerned about directly to their dermatologist for a professional opinion.


SkinVision is an app that provides users with an in-app camera that, when used to photograph moles they may be worried about, assesses the mole in the photo and provides one of three risk assessments within 30 seconds. The assessment will be low risk, low risk with symptoms to track, or high risk. SkinVision also allows you to catalog the photos you take and their assessments, so you can track their development over time. 

Don’t Skip the Doctor Visit

Skin cancer apps can be useful for tracking moles on your body and even alerting you to new or problematic spots you were unaware of, but they should not be considered as a replacement for a visit to a licensed dermatologist. Patients should continue to see their dermatologist at least once a year for a skin cancer screening, and if you are at all unsure of a mole or lesion you locate with an app, don’t delay seeing a doctor in-person for a professional opinion. 

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