GentleCure Is a Safe and Effective Skin Cancer Radiation Treatment Option

There is more than one way to treat skin cancer, including many types of radiation treatment. GentleCure uses Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Treatment (Image-Guided SRT)—a radiation treatment that is different not only from traditional radiation but from other skin cancer radiation treatments.

GentleCure is a better skin cancer radiation treatment

When choosing the right skin cancer treatment for you, it is important to understand the differences in how well they work to cure the cancer and what the treatment experience is like.


Image-Guided Superficial Radiation Therapy (Image-Guided SRT)

  • Uses low-energy X-rays, like the X-rays used at a dentist’s office, to deliver doses to skin cancer
  • Cures over 99% of basal or squamous cell skin cancers
  • Goes only as deep as the skin and has little to no effect on the area around the cancer
  • Given right in a dermatologist’s office by a Radiation Therapist who works together with the dermatologist
  • First and only radiation treatment for skin cancer that uses ultrasound images to measure the size and depth of the skin cancer to know the exact dose of X-rays to use, track how the cancer is responding, and know the cancer is gone
  • Has mild to moderate side effects that go away within weeks of finishing treatment
  • Over 99% patient satisfaction with the outcome and treatment experience


Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT)

  • Uses low-energy X-rays to the surface of the skin using a special machine
  • Cures the majority of basal and squamous cell skin cancer
  • Dermatologist estimates the size and shape of the skin cancer area
  • Does not use imaging, so the dermatologist cannot measure the size and depth of the cancer and cannot see how the cancer is responding to treatment
  • Has mild to moderate side effects
  • Most patients approve of the outcome and treatment experience


Electron-Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT)

  • Delivers electron beam therapy to the skin through a large machine at a radiation treatment center or hospital
  • Uses higher energy dosing than SRT that are aimed at the entire area of the body where the cancer is located
  • Has lower overall cure rates for nonmelanoma skin cancers and is often used on advanced, deeper skin cancers that need a deep, below-the-skin treatment
  • Has mild to moderate side effects
  • Most patients approve of the outcome and treatment experience


Electronic Brachytherapy (EBX)

  • Delivers X-rays with very high doses of radiation using a special machine
  • Often limited in its use to smaller skin cancer areas
  • Has very little scientific evidence for cure rates of nonmelanoma skin cancers
  • Has mild to moderate side effects
  • Less than half of patients approve of the outcome and treatment experience

Hear What People Say About GentleCure

Joe | Watching skin cancer go away with ultrasound images

The first time Joe had skin cancer, it was treated with Mohs surgery. Surgery left a scar on his nose. After he was diagnosed with skin cancer again, he chose Image-Guided SRT. He knew treatment was working when he saw the cancer shrinking on the ultrasound images.

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