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Surgery-Free Treatments for Common Skin Cancers

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People facing a diagnosis of basal or squamous cell skin cancer may have treatment options outside of Mohs surgery. Image-Guided SRT offers safe, effective, surgery-free treatment for common forms of skin cancer without cutting, bleeding, or pain. This means that you can pursue skin cancer treatment without major interruptions to your daily activities, and without any risk of surgical scarring.

How Does Image-Guided SRT Work?

By identifying the skin cancer area with ultrasound images and targeting the affected area with concentrated bursts of X-ray energy, Image-Guided SRT directly targets basal and squamous cell skin cancers without surgery. This innovative, surgery-free solution is delivered by a specially trained therapist rather than a surgeon, and eliminates the need for future reconstructive surgery. 

Image-Guided SRT is performed in your dermatologist’s office over the course of several short, pain-free sessions. Those who pursue this treatment for basal and squamous cell skin cancers can go directly back to normal activities after treatment. Moreover, Image-Guided SRT is just as effective as Mohs surgery.

Why Should You Pursue Surgery-Free Treatment for Skin Cancer?

Image-Guided SRT offers effective, surgery-free treatment for common forms of skin cancer. However, if you’re still not certain that it’s right for you, you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Mohs surgery may leave a scar that you desire to correct after treatment. With Image-Guided SRT, there is no risk of surgical scarring.
  • Preparing for surgery is often just as laborious as the treatment itself. Image-Guided SRT requires very little in the way of special preparation.
  • Image-Guided SRT is available at a wide range of dermatology practices around the country. With Mohs surgery, you’ll need to undergo treatment at a medical facility.
  • Image-Guided SRT treatment sessions are very quick, so you can easily fit your care into your current schedule. There’s no need to take time off from work or restructure your long-term plans.

Ask Your Doctor if Image-Guided SRT is Right for You

If you feel that Image-Guided SRT may be right for you, ask your dermatologist if the treatment is a good option for your condition. Although all treatment decisions should be made with a trusted healthcare provider, you can also speak to a GentleCure skin cancer information specialist to learn more about your options and explore the benefits of Image-Guided SRT in greater detail. 

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